S. Millspaugh

New Pink Order

T. Smith has this to say about Pink Tuesdays

 T. Smith, Wichita, KS

Face The Mirror

T. Peitz, Wichita, KS

The Pink Circus

S. P. Marois, Quebec

New Pink Order

"... actually, I'm making sure I don't miss it. I'm excited you are doing this again. It really helped me last year."

"My boys came to life when the fire acts took the rings. We loved every minute of it. Thank you all for some of the best memories we will ever make."

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"I just wanted to tell you... thank you for that. It is like I am unlocking potential I never knew I had."

"I'm sooo happy... that you stepped on my door step, knocked on my door, and...knocked some damn [sic] sense into me. I know I wanted to be happy and feel good, but couldn't have done it with out you."

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