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Through performing, laughter and sharing our talents, we are able to help impact your health and wellness. Many of the acts require audience participation. So, come be a part of the show or sit back and let us entertain.  Hula-hoopers, belly dancers, clowns, spinners & musicians, oh my! This annual event is free to the public. 

 THOMgallery is a syndicate of studios valuing the muse.  THOMgallery meets the physical and inter-faith spiritual needs of the artist, muse and community through  THOM (The Haus of Muse) provides space for classes and retreats for various events and workshops dedicated to the healing, performing and creative arts.  THOMgallery meets its goals by offering a comprehensive program for self-empowerment called Face The Mirror and hosting New Pink Order events. 

THOMgallery™ Artists are a syndicate of artists valuing the muse. The purpose is to support New Pink Circus and its mission to promote health & wellness through interactive entertainment.


Face the Mirror is a 16 week self-awareness series designed to discover core values and how they affect the quality of ones life.  Use your six senses and peer sharing to complete 8 colored gates or schedule a one-on-one Intimate Reflection Session with a Lead Educator for a more personal perspective. Currently we are preparing for the fall semester classes in Hutchinson and Wichita, Kansas.

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