10% of the proceeds from THOMgallery Artists are given to New Pink Circus

New Pink Circus

The New Pink Circus is a free annual free event for all ages! The Circus directs focus and energy to wellness, vitality and health while encouraging the community to pursue a soul talent. Performance, creative and healing arts are featured in this evening extravaganza.  Enjoy eye-catching performances combined with small interactive lessons in dance, hoop, spinning & more.

Core Values: confidence, encouragement, growth and focus

Mission Statement:  Provide interactive entertainment to promote health and well-being that encourages confidence and growth.

* Influence intent and focus to support personal Self-Expression.
* Endorse the principles of New Pink Order and support programs that include THOMgallery and Face the Mirror
*Offer a stage for performers to practice and share their soul talent. 

What began in 2014, in Wichita,  as a 60-minute indoor event evolved in 2015 to accommodate for two outdoor rings, musical talent and a Side Show during Intermission. Fire acts, dancers, and singers share with you a few tricks to take home. Interactive entertainment in performing and healing arts are the focus at the New Pink Circus, Thursday, August 17, 2017 at Ave A & Main St Park in Hutchinson, Kansas. ​ Visit for vendor or performer information. See you there!