Casie "Princess" Powell 

“Only From The Heart Can You Touch The Sky.”

"I look forward to mirroring you on this journey!"

"I welcome this and am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with you."

Ruby Red

Wichita, KS

Rowdy McDade Solokov - Keyholder 11 Wichita, KS

Enjoys helping people with the life experience and sharing personal knowledge that he has acquired.  Six years of experience reading tarot has supported his bond with personal intuition.  His study of herbs, over the last five years, has grown to encompass both medicinal and mystic properties.  A Wiccan Priest in the First Degree, he is a part of The Circle of the Stag. In the future, he plans to expand his skill set to include Reiki, and massage.

Jessica States  

Keyholder 1 

wants to mirror you on your journey to self in many forms: value, responsibility, love, joy, peace, harmony, magic.  She has taken the Face the Mirror course herself and understands the unique tools and valuable healing that can occur.  As a leader, she comes to offer a safe space to search and recognize your unique spirit as you understand it.  She is attuned to Reiki at level one and is inspired to continue to learn more about this energetic healing art as well as learn and participate in many others. Jessica has experimented with EFT (tapping) and has used it to break through her own blockages in life such as fear, anxiety and even writers block.  She has worked as a nurse in the hospital, in Hospice and assisting others find their truth.  Jessica studied coaching at the University and is available for one on one intimate reflections to focus on finding the individual treasures in you.

is the creator of Face the Mirror and founder of New Pink Order and THOMgallery.  She utilizes these facets to fulfill her passion for making people smile and self-discovery. With a penchant for both creative and healing arts, Princess' skill set includes both the tactile and intangible. 

She enjoys teaching workshops at THOMgallery that facilitate in the creative process and participating in performing arts with an emphases on wellness.

Although Princess has practiced many divination and healing modules, her current mastery lies in chakra-balancing and intuitive reading of the subtle energy body. Princess is also active in her studies of Sacred Sexuality and the benefits of Tantra; eager to share her discoveries with you.

As a performer, Casie creates the routines she would like to see. Her favorite props are hula hoop, poi, wands for eating, breathing fire and anything costume related.  

Danielle Dubey 

is an artist as well as a sound and energy healer. As an artist, Danielle loves creating high-vibrational Reiki-infused energy art... much of which incorporates essential oils and powdered gemstones. As a healer, Danielle has experience in several modalities.  Her natural talents are showcased when she uses singing bowls, vocal tuning and channeling light language  for private or group sessions.  She is a Reiki Seichem master specializing in Healing Touch and is also a trained Quantum Light coach. Danielle has a certification in Quantum Paranormal House Clearings and works with homes and spaces as well as personal energy.

loves gardening and cooking with essential oils.  These hobbies have lead her to discovering helpful metaphysical properties of different herbs, foods and extract blends. The study of man and the cycles of Mother Earth have guided her to a new understanding of gemstones and crystals.  She enjoys sharing all of this with others and is driven by the challenge of inspiring individuals to look at things with a fresh perspective.

Orin Hart 

Hutchinson, KS

  Wichita, KS

Yoder, KS

Core Educator 

Keyholder 11

Directors & Keyholders

"I want to learn all I can about you, me and the we."


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